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About Qwik by So far we like it and we will keep experimenting

We can't stop experimenting and trying new things... Lately we have a new "target" that we are very excited about. We are at the beginning of the journey, but we wanted to share what we know so far...and we will keep you posted.

What is that?

Qwik is a JavaScript framework designed for building efficient web applications.

What we love so far from a technical perspective:

  1. Performance: Qwik's core feature is its performance. It provides fast loading and rendering, which results in a smooth user experience.

  2. Small size: Qwik has a small code size that ensures faster download and quick startup.

  3. Server-side rendering: Qwik enables server-side rendering, which allows the initial rendering of the application to happen on the server, improving performance.

  4. Easy to learn: Qwik is easy to learn for developers who already have experience with React, as it has a similar syntax.

  5. Reactive data model: Qwik uses a reactive data model that makes it easy to manage data and state.

  6. Intuitive and straightforward: Qwik's API is intuitive and straightforward, which makes it easy to use and understand.

  7. Component-driven: Qwik is component-driven, which makes it easy to develop and reuse components across applications.

  8. Testability: Qwik makes it easy to test the application, ensuring that the application is reliable and robust.

  9. Flexibility: Qwik provides the flexibility to use any state management library, such as Redux, MobX, or RxJS.

  10. SEO-friendly: Qwik provides built-in support for SEO-friendly rendering, which helps in the ranking of web applications in search engines.

However, there are also some concerns:

  1. Limited documentation: Qwik's documentation is limited, which can make it difficult for developers to learn and use the framework.

  2. Limited community support: Qwik has a limited community compared to other frameworks, which may make it challenging to get help or find solutions to problems.

  3. Limited ecosystem: Qwik has a limited ecosystem, which may make it difficult to find plugins, tools, or libraries that are compatible with the framework.

Here we are now.

We are still excited to continue experimenting with Qwik and exploring how this new platform can help us build better web applications. It's still a bit rough, but every diamond was like that at the very beginning.

We have a pet project where we will try this in live soon.

We will keep you posted about our experiences.

Have you tried qwik?

  • Yes, I did and I liked it.

  • Yes, I did, but it won't be my favourite.

  • No, I have never tried.

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