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Mastering the AI Gold Rush in Business Development

Talks on the realistic dilemmas of AI implementation and digital product development

April 10th 2024 18:00-20:30, Lisbon, The Fintech House

With the Bobcats Coding team, we work on unique software development projects in multiple countries, including Portugal, Switzerland, Hungary, and even across the ocean in the US. In these projects, the conversations with new clients have radically changed in the past few months:

Everyone wants AI. In everything.


...But not everyone wants it for the right reasons, and not everyone wants it at the right time. As a digital product studio, we have observed a significant influx of sales leads focusing on products that incorporate AI components. While investing in this area shows great promise, it's important to recognize that these turbulent times can pose substantial investment risks. Moreover, in the rush to capitalize on this "gold rush," companies often make mistakes that could be avoided with proper technical product development considerations. ...and guess what? We don't want our clients to waste their money. That's why we put together this event. 


At the AI Crafts Lisbon, we will provide a glimpse into our white paper, "The AI Innovation Guidebook for Decision Makers" where we have compiled practical advice from our collaborative work with clients on how to master AI adoption in digital product development. In addition, you will have the opportunity to witness real-life AI implementation projects, where AI experts will present firsthand the current dilemmas of their projects – and also lessons learned. 


Are you ready to move beyond the AI buzz and make informed, strategic decisions that propel your digital products forward?  Are you curious about the mistakes others have made in the AI 'gold rush' and want to make sure your investments truly pay off?


We hope that you will join us in this exciting journey of collective learning.

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At the Lisbon AI Crafts event, we will delve into topics through the lens of professionals, such as:

  • We will examine the reality of how capital is precisely allocated in the field of AI implementation and discuss the main points of The AI Innovation Guidebook, including how you should smartly invest in AI.

  • We bring you technological innovations that rival AI in terms of significance. As a case study, we will show how the tractor, E-commerce, iPhone, and cloud computing are related to AI.

  • We will talk put in context the 4th industrial revolution, talk about the trends of using vision based models in manufacturing and a special datagen technology that enables training of AI models with visual capabilities through specific case studies.

  • We will dive deep into the transformative power of artificial intelligence in a corporate environment

  • We introduce how small and medium-sized companies can access AI more easily with an exciting approach: through the low-code platform Nino and an AI chatbot arcBot build with AWS.

  • You will get an introduction to cutting-edge AI automation tools and bring some case studies on how these tools are being used to drive efficiency and innovation


April 10th, 2024


Fintech House Lisboa

 📍Location: Av. Duque de Loulé 12, 1050-093 Lisboa



Barbara Fazekas


Martin Malinda

Front-end Developer



Martin Müller

AWS Senior Cloud Engineer


Bidisha Agarwal

IT Lead for Wholesale Lending, ESG and AI


Horváth Gergely597PS_edited.jpg

Gergely Horváth

Marketing & Business Development Director



Tamás Kökény


In October 2023, we launched the AI Crafts event series with the aim of creating a dynamic and practical platform for professionals and decision-makers in product development. We found that our first event in Budapest successfully brought together the industry's finest to collaborate and reshape the future of product development. We successfully engaged nearly 100 enthusiasts from the business and tech era who participated in deep, insightful discussions and collaborative thinking, all guided by our latest research and extensive experience in product development. We're excited to bring this experience to you.

Join us on April 10th in Lisbon for an after-work event filled with learning, networking. AI Crafts is your opportunity to join the brightest minds in IT & business and learn valuable tips and tricks for mastering AI adoption in digital product development.


AI Crafts Workshop-034_k_edited.jpg


AI Crafts is on the lookout for trailblazers, innovators, and thought leaders in the field of AI. Do you have a groundbreaking project? Perhaps you have unique insights into AI technology or would you just like to tell an inspiring story about your current AI development?


Then here's your chance to strengthen the next AI Crafts lineup!

We invite you to share your knowledge and experiences with a passionate audience of professionals, enthusiasts, and decision-makers from across the tech industry.


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Thank you very much for visiting our website. All tickets for the AI CRAFTS Lisbon have been sold out, but we warmly welcome you to our next event! :)


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