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Optimize AI-Human Collaboration for the Future

About DAS


In our latest study, we explore the transformative potential of AI in the design process. At the heart of this whitepaper is the Design Automation Scale (DAS), a pioneering framework developed in collaboration with the renowned UX and UI researchers at Atlas, Rise! under the guidance of our lead designer, Gabor Suhajda. This framework rigorously evaluates AI design tools across simplicity, efficiency, accessibility, ethics, and legality. The DAS is designed to provide decision-makers and designers with the knowledge and guidance necessary to effectively integrate AI into the design process, striking the perfect balance between AI automation and human creativity.

By leveraging AI in the right phases of the design process, businesses can enhance efficiency and focus human resources on tasks requiring unique human insights. Our analysis, centered on the MVP design steps, offers a practical roadmap for implementing DAS in real-world scenarios.


Dive into our findings to understand how to harness AI's capabilities while preserving the invaluable contributions of human creativity, saving money, and boosting efficiency without sacrificing quality.

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Bobcats Coding – DAS whitepaper


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Expert opinions


Norbi Mito_1200x1200_edited.jpg

Norbert Krizsán


Design Strategy Advisor @ Mito Digital


“The current whitepaper from Bobcats Coding explores exciting questions. It is a fairly sure thing to say that services and products based on G-LLM and other types of AI solutions are here to stay, and as such, our way of working is and will be affected by it. These systems are the best at summarizing content and work best with words at the moment – however, they promise much more. One of the biggest pitfalls is hallucinations, which require us to double-check all results, especially when it comes to answers outside of our domain expertise – which happens every now and then with us, designers. The need for validation of the AI’s output and the question of the apt level of automation leaves only the low-risk and junior-level tasks to be left for such algorithms. This holds true until task-specialized AIs enter the scene or a true AGI.”

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Pop Andris_1200x1200_k_edited.jpg

András Pop


Design Lead, Founder @Studio Stereogram

“In a world where AI can handle more and more complex tasks, one wonders if we still need designers — I think that there are still some roles which can't necessarily be swapped by AI, as it's missing intentionality. But whenever you have the outlines for a project, Bobcats Coding's Design Automation Scale (DAS) shows why a balanced approach is the way to go. DAS provides good guidance on how to smartly mix AI with UX design, giving you the best of both worlds. This whitepaper is a must-read for understanding how to use AI without losing the creative touch of human designers, all while rationalizing costs. With DAS, you can streamline your design process, save money, and boost efficiency without sacrificing quality.”

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