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CO-Organized with The Bolder Design Meetup


Talks on the realistic dilemmas of AI implementation and digital product development

Mastering AI in Product Development:

What's the real deal?

July 10th 5:00-7:00 PM, Boulder CO, Kiln.


As we delve deeper into 2024, we observe that the integration of AI opens up nearly endless new possibilities in product development. With the Bobcats Coding team, we work on software development projects not only in the USA but also in numerous other countries, including Portugal, Switzerland, and Hungary. 

Everywhere we go, we see that everyone wants AI in everything.

This is not a surprise, as artificial intelligence can process vast amounts of data, generate things we've never seen before, and naturally, the interest of financial markets is increasingly turning towards AI developments. However, a less obvious question comes up: is it truly necessary for everyone to become an LLM development expert to achieve excellent product development? Or does our competitiveness and level of innovation depend much more on how we optimize using even third-party AI tools?

To answer these questions, on July 10th,  at the Boulder stop of our AI Craft meetup series, we'll focus on a more holistic approach to AI product development, covering strategic planning, design optimization, and workflow enhancements. Let's explore together how we can master AI in product development and balance the revolutionary capabilities of AI with the indispensable value of human expertise.

This event is co-hosted with The Bolder Design Meetup, a Boulder-based community for anyone curious about user-centered product design, covering a wide range of topics from design systems to AI for user research.

Join us at the
Kiln. for a happy hour of inspiring and fun learning!✨

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Megan La Grave


Flow Strategist | Data Scientist |  Entrepreneur


Optimize with AI, Innovate with Human

While AI undeniably simplifies or replaces many tasks, it's crucial to explore its impact on the daily lives of developers and product creators. Can we still experience the flow state and innovate while working with AI, or does AI take over this aspect too? Can tools like Copilot or ChatGPT still enable us to experience the flow state, or is it no longer the same creative flow as building code from scratch? Our opening presentation dives into why maintaining the flow state is essential, how AI impacts our creative processes, and why this conversation is vital for the future of development and product design.

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Gábor Suhajda


Lead Designer | Bobcats Coding

Design Automation Scale: A Future-Proof Tool to Optimize Your AI-Human Balance

Many things will become a lot easier around design and product development with AI, but we're also sure that not everything can and will be replaced with AI. Our team experimented with AI tools in design, considering efficiency, ethics, security, and legal aspects and we developed the Design Automation Scale (DAS), a future-proof framework for designers and digital decision-makers to determine the balance between AI automation and human intervention in the design and product development processes. Join us to future-proof your strategies and maintain a competitive edge in a rapidly changing digital world.

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Tamás Kökény

CTO and Co-founder |
Bobcats Coding

AI Product Strategy in 2024

Generative AI has revolutionized the product development landscape, enabling the creation of products that were previously unthinkable. However, this innovation brings with it several risks and challenges for product teams engaged in building AI-driven solutions. In this talk, we will explore strategies to mitigate these risks and draw lessons from the historical impact of other groundbreaking technologies on society.

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July 10th, 2024



Attendance is free, but
registration is required


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Co-founder of

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In October 2023, we launched the AI Crafts event series with the aim of creating a dynamic and practical platform for professionals and decision-makers in product development. Our previous events in Budapest and Lisbon successfully brought together the industry's finest to collaborate and reshape the future of product development. We successfully engaged hundreds of enthusiasts from the business and tech sectors who participated in deep, insightful discussions and collaborative thinking, all guided by our latest research and extensive experience in product development. We’re excited to finally bring this experience from Europe to the US.

Join us on July 10th in Boulder for an after-work event filled with learning and networking. AI Crafts is your opportunity to join the brightest minds in IT and business and learn valuable tips and tricks for mastering AI adoption in digital product development.



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Registration - AI Crafts Boulder


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